Variable Speed Drive (VSD)

Using variable speed drives (VSDs) to control downhole or surface pumps provides maximum flexibility for responding to changing operating conditions. This allows operators to maximize oil recovery while minimizing energy costs and without pump resizing. The VSD portfolio offers a broad range of advanced ESP control protection. Incorporating the smoothest waveform output available minimize electrical system stress, are available in ratings ranging from 1 KVA to 1,500 kVA and in configurations rated to both in-door usage.

Applications : For all pumping systems

* Lowers pump operating costs
* Accelerates oil production
* Increases pump system life

*     ESPs are isolated from line disturbances.
*     Diode-bridge rectifier provides high input power factor and reduces reflected harmonics.
*    IGBT inverter provides efficient pulse width modulated (PWM) waveform and reduces output harmonics.
*     Sine wave filter provides sinusoidal output to extend the life of ESP system electrical components.
*    Variable speed control enables soft and rocking starts for ESP motors.
*    Control flexibility accommodates all production scenarios.
*    Pump operation adapts to changing reservoir conditions.
*    Motor harmonics are eliminated as a cause of equipment failure.Variable Speed Drive